Discover Your Angels Part ll


Discover Your Angels Part Two Starting in 2023

Monday, The live Zoom at 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Recording available the next day

This is a follow-up to the original Discover Your Angels classes.
We will be studying 5 ArchAngels and a bonus 6th class of connecting with your own personal guardian angel.
Classes are LIVE, ONLINE and RECORDED, so you are free to watch and rewatch each live class as many times as you wish.
AND yes! It’s a stand-alone class as well. You can take this series of 5 Archangels plus Your Guardian Angel and follow up with the original 10 class series.

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Can you connect to the angels for this guidance?

  • Yes!  You can ask for help from the angels.
  • Yes!  You have the innate ability to connect with them.
  • Yes!  You can learn how to have a personal relationship with YOUR angels and archangels

Benefits for you

  1. Realizing that you are never “alone.” You have Angelic helpers right beside you, just waiting for you to ask. A simple  “help me” is all that is needed.
  2. Experiencing the joy that comes when you know with certainty that the angels have influenced your day.
  3. Becoming grateful for small things as you become more mindful of your actions each day.
  4. Beginning and expanding a meditation practice and realizing how satisfying that quiet time becomes to your life.