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Class Outline for starting on January 13, 2024

Live Zoom Class at 10:00 am each Saturday morning. Recording available by Saturday at 6:00 pm

We will be studying these ten angels:

Gabriel     Uriel    Zadkiel    Ariel    Michael    Chamuel    Raphael    Metatron    Jeremiel    Haniel   

Tools we will use:

  • how we recognize them by personality.
  • areas each is known to act as a helper for you.
  • the color associated with each angel.
  • the crystal that best represents each angel’s vibration.

Each class will include:

  1. How to connect with angels.
  2. Guided meditation with the focus on the angel of that week.
  3. Journaling about your experience in meditation or just doodle.
  4. Homework – to work with each angel for the upcoming week.
    • a text will be sent each day, to help with your connection,
    • Please rsvp FROM your welcome email to opt in.
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Benefits that you will enjoy when learning how to connect with Angels

  • Realizing that you are never “alone.” You have Angelic helpers right beside you, just waiting for you to ask. A simple “please help me” is all that is needed.
  • Experiencing the joy that comes when you know with certainty that the angels have influenced your day.
  • Gratitude for small things as you become more mindful of your actions each day.
  • Meditation practices and how satisfying that quiet time becomes to your life.

Heres' what others have to say about these classes:

This was a great class! I learned so much about the Archangels which has helped me to connect with them on a regular basis! Marion is a great teacher as well! Very engaging! I definitely recommend this course! BA

Well, thank you so much for the most wonderful course ever!!! I absolutely love the Archangels and have received so much benefit. Not only from individual requests but the sheer joy in learning about this wonderful new spiritual connection!! SS