Are you looking for support for daily living? Have you longed for a personal relationship with Angels and Archangels?
Cost is $97.00
Downloadable Workbook for your weekly journaling.
Each week, a new live class via Zoom.
  1. how we recognize them by personality
  2. areas each is known to act as a helper for you
  3. the color associated with each angel
  4. the crystal that best represents each angel’s vibration
  5. How to connect with angels.
  6. Guided meditation with the focus on the angel of that week
  7. Journaling about your experience in meditation or just doodle.
  8. Homework – to work with each angel for the upcoming week.

Zoom link will be sent to you via your email address shown on the PayPal receipt. Please make sure it is correct. Call Marion at 585-495-2435 or at with any questions.