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My book, Gloriously Grateful, is the story of my journey with Stage 4 colon cancer through diagnosis, treatment, and finally back to a “normal” life. And now the question in your mind is,” What does that have to with gratitude?”

Yes, having cancer stinks! Yes, I was ill most of the time over the three years. Yes, there were a lot of dark times.  Yet there were times, even if for just a minute or two, of a spark of gratefulness. I discovered that joy and gratitude were choices that I could make. Having cancer and especially during treatments, most of my life felt totally out of my control. I didn’t consciously choose to have cancer, but I could choose my attitude and how I approached it.

For instance, after a few months of treatments, I dreaded going to the cancer clinic. But when I got there, I appreciated and was very grateful for the cheerful, skilled staff. I know that they see hundreds of patients each week, yet they treated me as if I was the only one in there, and I was their favorite for sure. They were attentive and careful with my care, both physically and mentally.

These are the reasons that Gloriously Grateful is the title of my book. I want to share how I got to that point and what I have learned about why we need to live in gratitude every day. This blog is the start of helping you to understand this journey and to encourage you to get on the gratitude train for a trip of your own.


Handling Illness

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What is gratitude with cancer?

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