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Discover YOUR Angels
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About Your Instructor

An entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and unshakable optimist, Marion Andrews is dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

Marion began studying about angels when she was in treatment for colon cancer and looking for any help that she could find.

She began to recognize different vibrations and feelings that she had were communications from the angels.

Now you can benefit from her experience with these angelic beings. She (and the angels) are ready to share with you what she has learned and practices daily.

In these ten classes, you will learn how to communicate with the angels and recognize their unique vibration and presence. You can enjoy less anxiety and stress and sleep more soundly at night knowing that you have angelic help for each day.


Discover YOUR Angels

Do you wonder about the help that some claim from the angelic realm?

Can you connect to the angels for this guidance?

The answers are:

Yes! You can ask for help.

Yes! You have the innate ability to connect with all of God’s creatures.

Yes! You can learn how.

What we have for You …

Benefits that you will realize

Realizing that you are never “alone.” You have Angelic helpers right beside you, just waiting for you to ask. A simple “please help me” is all that is needed.

Experiencing the joy that comes when you know with certainty that the angels have influenced your day.

Gratitude for small things as you become more mindful of your actions each day.

Meditation practice and how satisfying that quiet time becomes to your life.

Angels and Archangels

  1. Micheal
  2. Gabriel
  3. Raphael
  4. Uriel
  5. Ariel
  6. Metatron
  7. Chamuel
  8. Zadkiel
  9. Azrael
  10. Haniel

Class Outline

We will be studying ten angels in these classes,

  1. How we recognize them by personality
  2. Areas each is known to act as a helper for you
  3. The colors associated with each angel
  4. The crystal that best represents each angel’s vibration
  5. How to connect with angels
  6. A guided meditation with the focus on the angel of that week
  7. Journaling about your experience in meditation or just doodle
  8. Homework – to work with each angel for the upcoming week

Today is the day for you to choose to learn about the angels that are waiting to help you!