Join Marion Andrews

Discover Your Angels

Six Online Classes Starting September 20, 2021. Live on Zoom at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Benefits that you will realize:

  • That you are never “alone.” You have Angelic helpers right beside you, just waiting for you to ask. A simple “please help me” is all that is needed.
  • Experiencing the joy that comes when you know with certainty that the angels have influenced your day.
  • Gratitude for small things as you become more mindful of your actions each day.
  • Meditation practice and how satisfying that quiet time becomes to your life.

Angels and Archangels

  1. Raguel
  2. Sandalphon
  3. Jophiel
  4. Jeremiel
  5. Raziel
  6. Guardian Angels

Class Outline

We will begin with:

  • How to connect with angels.
  • How we recognize them by personality
  • Areas each is known to act as a helper for you
  • The colors associated with each angel
  • The crystal that best represents each angel’s vibration
  • A guided meditation with the focus on the angel of that week
  • Journaling about your experience in meditation or just doodle
  • Homework – to work with each angel for the upcoming week