Co-Authored Books by Marion

Who Am I Anyway Journal

Who Am I, Anyway?

Co-Authored with Michelle Forsyth

Discover who you are through thought-provoking questions and daily journaling in a fun, safe way.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’ve never journaled before and want to get started.
  • You’ve journaled but only freeform and want to expand to more diverse creativity.
  • You’ve been exploring the various types of journaling and want to have everything in one book.
  • You’ve only used a calendar or planner book for appointments and want to add creativity without adding another book.
  • You’re feeling confused about where you are in life and want to explore more about yourself in a safe way.
  • You want to enjoy some quality time with yourself.
  • You’re ready to have more fun when creating a journal.

Handling Illness

Confused about what to say or do?

For Patients

Handling offers to help

Coping with the daily ups and downs

What is gratitude with cancer?

and so much more! 

For Caregivers

How to truly help

What to say to your friends and loved ones

What to do when visiting a patient

and so much more!