Co-Authored Books by Marion

When I Rise, I Thrive book cover

Happy Thoughts Playbook

Co-Authored with Kyra Schaefer

Your challenging experiences may have tried to keep you down, lock you up, and throw away the key—but you are designed to thrive! In this book, our authors fearlessly share 70 personal stories of transformation which prove that all breakdowns are breakthroughs. Their healing examples will help you rise above your limitations and encourage you to believe that anything is possible.

This book includes:

  • Topics include: depression, divorce, grief, spiritual awakening, trauma, fear, and releasing self-doubt.
  • Personal development questions for enrichment.
  • Blank journal pages for your transformative insights.
  • Author biographies list with contact information to support you on your journey.

Handling Illness

Confused about what to say or do?

For Patients

Handling offers to help

Coping with the daily ups and downs

What is gratitude with cancer?

and so much more! 

For Caregivers

How to truly help

What to say to your friends and loved ones

What to do when visiting a patient

and so much more!