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Happy Thoughts Playbook Cover

Happy Thoughts Playbook

Co-Authored with Kyra Schaefer

Happy Thoughts Playbook was written in collaboration by a group of thought leaders, coaches and healers to help you overcome the blocks to your happiness in a playful way. We tackle loss, grief, fear, anxiety and sadness with unflinching self-honesty and authenticity, all while moving you closer to fully embrace your joy. This book offers you:

  • Relatable real life stories of people that have experienced the worst life has to offer and still thrive
  • Exercises that help you remove blocks to happiness
  • Coloring pages
  • How to shift old worn out habits that are keeping you unhappy
  • Poetry and illustrations
  • New thoughts and ideas that inspire a willingness for positive change even in challenging times

Happiness is a process of unfolding that is impossible to force or fake. This book helps you unfold in your own time and in your own way in order to help you delight in that greater knowing of ease and happiness for yourself. Digest these pages. Enjoy the stories and move closer to thinking happy, feeling happy and being happy at your speed. This playbook has been designed for you to embrace the truth of who you are and enjoy yourself along the way.

Handling Illness

Confused about what to say or do?

For Patients

Handling offers to help

Coping with the daily ups and downs

What is gratitude with cancer?

and so much more! 

For Caregivers

How to truly help

What to say to your friends and loved ones

What to do when visiting a patient

and so much more!