Marion Andrews before in 2015 and now after cancer-free 2020

Marion Andrews

Marion Andrews

Author Teacher Healer

Gloriously Grateful

This book will help you to find answers:

  • Why me?
  • How do you navigate those first few months?
  • What do you say to your tribe?
  • How do chemo and side effects surprise you?
  • What happens when the treatment is done?
  • How can you be a helpful friend/caregiver?

About Me

Marion has traveled this road over the past few years. She was first diagnosed with Colon Cancer, Stage 4 at 66 years old. Surgery and chemo followed and all was presumed clear until a checkup scan 8 months later. What a shock when another growth was discovered then, more treatment, another in the next year! Her insights and honest approach told with humor and an attitude of “What? Well, what now?.” will take you on a journey that ends with her being Gloriously Grateful for the whole adventure. Read more

Here is a current interview with JoAnne Eisen on


Handling Illness

Confused about what to say or do?

For Patients

Handling offers to help

Coping with the daily ups and downs

What is gratitude with cancer?

and so much more! 

For Caregivers

How to truly help

What to say to your friends and loved ones

What to do when visiting a patient

and so much more!

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